임베디드 및 소프트웨어 기술을 응용하여 전파 보안 분야인 전파탐색장치, MW motion Sensor,
전자파 센서와 무선통신응용솔루션 및 MW 통신 제품을 개발하고 있습니다.

IoT Connectivity

WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Network) Terminal for USN

Mobi-Q is the only device that can support to WPAN that can build USN. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is embedded basically and supports interfaces you can be applied to a variety of communication methods such as ZigBee, UWB, and Home RF. Also, Android- based applications by developing that can use a wide variety of services.

key Feature

- Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Connection
- Support Another WPAN-ZigBee, UWB, Home-RF etc.
- Available various OMR Application-Electric, Gas, Water…
- Immediately Software update through Google Play Store
- Simply Registration Meter by QR Code or Bar Code
- Measured Meter Position by Google Map.
- Reading, record and view instantly

OMR Operating Concept

The following figure shows the operating concept of OMR(Offsite Meter Reading)

1. User can download meter database from local MDMS with a USB.
2. Mobi-Q may read multiple electric/Gas/Water meters with wireless communication using ISM frequency band.
3. User can upload measured database to MDMS.
4. MDMS may be connected to operation center with the Internet to send transaction information and electronic fee collection.