We develop Scanning Spectrum Analyzer, MW motion sensors, EMP sensors related to wireless security area and also IoT Connectivity,
MW communication products in wireless communication using embedded software technologies.

MW Solution

Henetsys has applied high-end technologies to various solutions on broadband from DB to RF/MW frequency band (C/X/Ku/K/Ka) and supplies active products, such as SSPA, through to manual components, such as a filter and a coupler, and products that can apply to various communication systems, such as radar, SatCom, Datalink, and the recent 5G technology to civilian and defense markets. We will provide customers with the best quality solutions that can meet their needs for components, modules, sub-assembly, and systems.


- PLO/Synthesizer
- Passive Devices
  · Filter, Divider/Combiner, Directional Coupler, Hybrid, Bias-Tee, Switch etc.
  · Waveguide Filter, Isolator etc.
-Test & Measurement System Design & Production


- Radar Communication
- Satellite Communication
- Datalink Communication
- Electric Warfare
- Test & Measurement
- 5G Communication