We develop Scanning Spectrum Analyzer, MW motion sensors, EMP sensors related to wireless security area and also IoT Connectivity,
MW communication products in wireless communication using embedded software technologies.

Motion sensor

Motion Sensor

Henetsys's MW Motion Sensor is a transceiving sensor that has adopted the Doppler radar effect. Unlike PIR(Passive Infrared) sensor, MW Motion Sensor can detect the movement of people and objects and can detect minute movements almost without being affected by the external elements, especially, environmental elements (temperature, humidity, light, dust, etc.).Therefore, MW motion sensor is used for high-performance monitoring area combined with a PIR sensor.
Henetsys's MW Motion Sensor adopts independent technology and applied solutions and thus applies to not only sensor area but Bio Radar, Smart Highway, and other such areas.
Henetsys offers various kinds of MW motion sensor, including short-range and long-range devices, on the non-licensed extremely low power bands, such as 2GHz, 5GHz, 10GHz, and 24GHz, and can also respond promptly to the development and certification of customized products that can satisfy customers' needs.


- Low Power Consumption
- CW or Pulse Operation
- Very Flat Profile
- Low Noise Detection Signal
- Long Range Detection
- I, Q Phase Channel


- Auto Door Opening
- Lighting Control(LED)
- Intruder Detection System
- Presence/Occupancy Detection
- Factory Safety Control
- Parking Lot Management
- Bio Signal Detection

Short Range Sensor

Model Frequency Application Data Sheet
HMS-S Band Series 2.45GHz Bio Status Detection Download  
HMS-X Band Series 10.525GHz Lighting Control Download  
HMS-K Band Series 24.125GHz Automatic Door Download  

Long Range Sensor

Henetsys develops radar sensors required for the application of long-range devices, such as MW measuring device or a traffic monitoring device, using Planar Antenna technology.


      Signal Amplifier : It is a circuit that amplifies extremely low signals from a motion sensor module and can be directly connected to the output of a motion sensor.